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6.7L Freedom Series Cummins Cylinder Head (Street - HD)

6.7L Freedom Series Cummins Cylinder Head (Street - HD)

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Introducing Freedom Series cylinder heads - Give new life to your engine with a fully remanufactured Cummins cylinder head. Each head is manufactured in a state-of-the-art cylinder head machine shop and guaranteed to meet or exceed factory specifications. All heads are inspected, pressure checked, decked, painted, and ready for installation. Plus, the 11 screw in freeze plugs ensure you’ll never worry about a coolant leak under the valve cover again.

Perfect for a daily driver or heavy duty towing, Heavy Duty Street heads are rated for use up to 700hp.  

Freedom Series Heavy Duty Street heads Include:

  • 11 Screw in Freeze Plugs (eliminates coolant leaks)
  • Hardened, oversized press-in valve seats
  • New heavy duty Fleece 105# valve springs
  • Tool steel retainers
  • New valve guide liners



* Head gasket not included. We recommend the use of Cummins 4932210.

** Core and crate return required - all paperwork & instructions for return included with the new cylinder head.  Read the core charge policy here. You are responsible for all return shipping costs of the core. 

*** FOLLOW ALL INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS; Valve lash required. Back off adjusters on rocker arms or damage will occur to the cylinder head. For all applications over stock horsepower we recommend the use of ARP625 or ARP L19 12mm head studs.

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