Unique Performance Single Battery Kit Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Disconnect your batteries, set terminals off in a safe place

Step 2: Remove passenger side battery, next move the ground from passenger side fender to negative battery terminal, then remove the 19mm bolt holding the ground from the engine block to passenger negative battery terminal. Reinstall 19mm bolt into block if desired.

Step 3: Disconnect charging wire from alternator to passenger side positive battery terminal, disconnect wire from passenger side positive terminal to grid heater relay, disconnect wires from grid heater on intake to grid heater relay, next disconnect the main crossover charging cable from passenger side battery to driver side positive terminal.

Step 4: Remove all 8mm bolts from front passenger side inner fender and remove wire attached to inside edge on the inner fender. Next, using a 13mm socket, remove the 2 bolts holding the bottom of the battery tray to the main fender support. Then, remove the 4 topside battery tray bolts and remove passenger battery tray.

Step 5: Install the Unique Performance Single Batter Cable. For cleanest install, route cable under upper alternator bracket, following the main harness directly behind idler pulley. Then, drop down between the intake plenum and CP3, following main harness to the starter cable. Follow main starter cable up to battery. 

Step 6: Relocate grid heater relay if desired. Tighten driver side positive and negative battery terminal with the Unique Single Battery Cable connected. Reinstall passenger side front inner fender and reconnect wire securely back to the inside edge of inner fender. Make sure all connections are tight and all zip ties are cut. Start truck and make sure alternator is charging the battery. You will have a check engine light if you removed grid heater relay, a quick tune will remove the light. Now, enjoy your new found room in the engine bay for a cleaner look and room for other power adders.